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Time Basic Data

Although HuTime can perform temporal information analysis like GIS, the basic data needed to support display and data construction like base maps in GIS is currently inadequate. As part of a research project entitled "Trying to accumulate and distribute time basic information - Construction of new environment for spatiotemporal information analysis", we are currently constructing three types of time basic information: basic chronological tables, event index, and calendar conversions that correspond to base maps, gazetteer, and GIS datum conversion. When complete, these time basic information types will be distributed from this website.

Basic Chronological Table

The basic chronological table includes information about periodization, events, and support to the known position of the focused object on in the temporal axis. This function, which corresponds to role of base maps that show regional governmental borders and landmarks, helps users understand relative positions and inclusion relations between data. A function for searching the basic table for a specific subject, and then showing the result in various table formats, will be constructed in the future.

Event Index

The event index converts the name of an event or a period, such as “World War II” or “The Great Depression” to a normalized value on the temporal axis (e.g., year-month-day in the Gregorian Calendar). This enables users to search information by the event name without inputting an exact date. The search form will be provided on this website in the future.

Calendar Conversion

The calendar conversion is a function for converting temporal information with different expressions (i.e., different calendar systems). This corresponds to the GIS datum conversion function. This function is designed to fill the gap between various calendar systems, and enable users to analyze information that originated in different regions and eras on the same temporal axis. A web form to convert calendar is available. An add-in for MS-Excel will be provided on this website in the future.more

utilization example for time basic information

Figure: Utilization example for time basic information. Name of a event "Kurofune Raiko (黒船来航, Perry Expedition)" is converted to "嘉永六年六月三日 (6th year in Kaei – 6th month – day of 3", which is a value on a temporal axis according to Japanese Calendar System, by the event index function. This value is further converted to 8 July 1853 in the Gregorian Calendar by the calendar conversion function. The basic chronological table shows the political situation in other countries as background to the "Kurofune Raiko" event.