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HuTime Data Editor

You can make a data for HuTime easily, using a data editor, though HuTime has a function which import a comma separated file (CSV) directly.


You can download the data editor from here. Download

The editor can be run only on Windows (Windows 7 or the later versions are recommended).

Unzip the downloaded file, and run Setup.exe. Outline of how to use the editor is as follows.

1. Data Source

Select a file which contains data source for a chronological table or a time series chart, and modify settings to read the file correctly.


2. Layer Type and Data Items

Select layer type, and specify columns which contain required data items.


3. Style Setings

You can change dataset and layer style settings such as font and color.


4. Save

Select a folder and file name, and save layer data.


5. Load Data into HuTime

You can load saved layer data into Hutime.